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NRC chooses ZEISS lenses, world’s leader in optics, for its top of the line X-SERIES collection. ZEISS sun lenses are the only one in the world certified with the same parameters used for ophtalmic lenses. The main benefits for the users are the best clarity and resolution thanks to ZEISS stringent standard, visual comfort & safety, and the best lens durability thanks to their premium hard coating. This also ensures a lightweight material for outdoor usage but with great impact resistance.
Thanks to its hydrophobic coating called Ri-Pel® the lenses are water and oil repellent: dirt, water, sweat, oil and sunscreen slip off the lens surface easily, ensuring a clear and protected vision. Also the mirror finish has the best quality: every lens passes stringent quality tests, and as a result ZEISS lenses offer great performance in terms of scratch resistance and wearing durability. The coating is uniform all over the lens surface, and it does not generate any rainbow effects on the temporal sides. 
You can easily verify that your sunglasses uses original ZEISS sun lenses with the semi-visible laser Z logo engraved on the back of the lenses.
All these features, available thanks to ZEISS long tradition of research and technology innovations, make NRC X-SERIES sunglasses ideal for outdoor activity but also for everyday use.
ZEISS lenses are available on XY, X1RR, X1, X2, X3, X4, X5 and RX1.


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Superlative quality, excellent. This is the meaning of the word super NRC Super Nylens lenses made by ZEISS represent the very best technology available at the moment. Lighter, more flexible, BPA free and above all Nylens grant an optical quality comparable to mineral glass lenses. No other organic material in the optical sector achieves the same results.
No compromises when you want to distinguish in your field. Do not be comparable to anything else. The higher quality of Nylens confer a 70% superior clarity than polycarbonate and it has the water-repellent treatment by ZEISS Ri-Pel®. The colour selection of our X-SERIES collection assembled with Super Nylens lenses is designed and selected to optimize light and color in all the different weather conditions and environments.
What if they are really the best lenses available worldwide?
Super Nylens are available on XY, X1RR, X1, X2 and X3.



NXT represents the best and highest level solution for photochromic lenses.
It is the same material used in the aerospace industry thanks to its performances: the perfect union between quality and adaptability.
The Sportchromic 2.0 fast darkening lenses are now available. They grant a faster change from light to dark than ever, thanks to the composition of the material.
The photochromic molecules are directly embedded in the polymer mass, this structure combined with the production technology grants a perfect control and colour modification according to each environment.
NXT lenses: 10% lighter than polycarbonate, higher chemical resistance, BPA free, better protection against UV rays with less aberration and better focusing. Try the difference. NXT lenses are available on X1RR, X1, X2 and X3.


Named Everest as the highest peak in the world: the extreme becomes reachable. For such an evocative name, we had only one solution: experiment new production techniques and select new compounds.
The graphene, called the material of wonders, was discovered by chance in 2004. A definition it deserves for its exceptional chemical and physical properties. It is the most resistant material ever tested (over a hundred times better than steel), but yet flexible and light.
All these factors led to the EVEREST versions made in GRAFRAME®. Graframe improves the performances, beyond all limits, thanks to the addition of nanostructures based on graphene into the polymer matrix.
Graphene frames are available on X1 and X3.

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